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Referral Program

Make Money or get free suits and shirts  Telling Others About “Unique Tailor”

Recommending to Unique Tailor by introducing a new customer, then you are right into our Reffarral program. Depending on the sales you will definitely be getting is, money or free suits and shirts, it is upon your desire whether you want cash or suits and shirts.


You will receive 5% of the order total of all clients referred to us by you. Your commissions are sent to you via PayPal 30 days after the customers have received their orders so this is to ensure that there are no refunds on that orders.

If you wish to get free suits and shirts instead of cash, then simply order by online or if you are repeat customer then you just let us know customer ID. So we ll manage the rest.


Simply link to us through your website or email with the affiliate link provided to you by us and we take care of all the rest. We will take care of all the work and send you your commission directly via PayPal.


Let us know of any potential clients you have in mind by sending email to us.

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